Heroes or Villains? ASOS PICKLE Heart Print Platform Mary Jane Shoes

heart print mary janes

It’s been a while since our last round of “Heroes or Villains”, so what better way to pass a hump-day? Other than actual shoe shopping, obviously? I can’t think of one, so without further ado, let us decide whether these ‘Pickle’ Mary Janes from ASOS are Shoeperheroes or Shoepervillains!

These shoes have a classic, Mary Jane shape, but come with an unusually high vamp,  a thicker-than-usual heel, and a top-to-toe heart print. They’re the kind of shoes which are either unbearably cute or, well, just plain unbearable, depending on your point of view. Are they cuter-than-cute, though, or are they just sickeningly twee? That’s where you come in…

As for me, well, I always struggle a little with Mary Janes in general, because I think that unless the designer is very careful to give them a “grown up” feel, they can look very childish – especially with the addition of a cutesy print. The Mary Janes I like most tend to place the strap down towards the toe, as opposed to across the base of the foot, like these ones, and I think its the shape, rather than the print, which may be the downfall of these. Let’s find out, though:

What do you think? Shoeperheroes or Shoepervillains?


  • I don’t know who else to turn to. In the last year I’ve seen so many shoes/boots with what looks like a gold hardware on the sole. Guessing it’s the designer name. Have searched everywhere but can’t seem to find out the designer name. Can you perhaps help? Very grateful for advise.

  • It’s clunky. It might actually work on a thinner, nonplatform shoe; but, as is, it just looks childish, almost doll like. It reminds me of a Barbie shoe, which is never a good thing.

  • Oh dear lord. There is nothing right about those shoes.
    The heel is just far too clunky, the pattern is sickly and the shape of the shoe is disgusting!
    These need burning.

  • See, I think I could make them work. I would never condone wearing them as part of a day to day outfit but; as part of a lolita inspired ensemble, with a poufy skirt and corkscrew curls- I can see them working. Not exactly high fashion but still fashion- and very cute. And on the plus side, chunky heels like these make slightly bigger legs look slimmer and their easier to walk in.

  • I LOVE mary jane shoes and have so many pairs but these… definitely a villian… they look awkward. Maybe they would look different on someone’s feet. meh.

  • I actually really like this. They do have a girlish feel, but I think with the right outfit these are killer. Personally like chunky mary janes. It’s fun to take a classic shape and play with it, and that goes with the pattern too. I definitely like these.

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