ASOS ‘Loveheart’ toecap ballerina flats

pink ballet flats with hearts

You know, there are so many pairs of cute flats around right now that even I’m in danger of becoming converted.

OK, not really: I’ll probably always love my heels.

I must admit, though, that if these pink and gold ‘Loveheart’ flats weren’t already sold out in my size, they’d possibly find themselves sneaking into my shopping basket as part of my next order. Well, it’s hard to resist a £20 pair of shoes, especially a pair covered in hearts, which seem to be a weakness of mine where flats are concerned. And where everything else is concerned, too, really…

These are also available in nude and black, and most sizes are still available in those shades.

ASOS ‘Loveheart’ flats, £20: click here to buy them.


  • Amber, you should embrace the flats! Maybe that could be part of your next shoe challenge…at least one outfit a week must utilize non-heeled shoes. Think you could handle that? 🙂

    Not to say I don’t love your heels, though…I’m a teeny bit jealous of your amazing shoe collection.

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