ASOS ‘Hands Down’ black embellished sandals

ASOS ‘Hands Down’ heeled sandals, £48

ASOS HAnds Down heeled sandals
black sandals with floral t-bar

silver sandals with floral embellishment

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These shoes are available in both black and silver, and although the two colours are in exactly the same style, they each have quite a different feel. The silver version is very ethereal, with something of a “fairytale” look about it, while the black is more substantial, and not quite as dressy – although no shoe with that many embellishments on the strap can ever really be “casual”, can it?

These have a 4″ heel, which I always think is just the right height for a (non-platformed) stiletto which you actually intend to walk in, as opposed to just sitting around looking pretty in. The upper is man-made, as ASOS shoes often are, and a slim strap connects the “barely there” toe to the high ankle. It’s what’s ON that strap that’s the main attraction of this shoe, though: I love the little perspex flowers, which offer a very modern take on the floral embellishment, and give this simple sandal a very pretty feel, without ruining the sleek minimalism of the shape.

I like both of the colourways, but while I’ll normally always choose a metallic over a matte upper when it comes to evening shoes, this time it’s the black version which I’ve chosen to style:

vintage inspired outfit featuring Dollydagger dress

♥  Dollydagger dress   ♥  Debenhams clutch bag ♥  Jenny Packham bracelet  ♥  Rimmel lipstick

This dress (which is another Dollydagger pick: can you tell I’m a fan?) would actually work just as well with the silver shoes as with the black ones. I’m not saying you should buy BOTH obviously (I mean, far be it for me to encourage rampant shoe buying!), but you know what they say: if the shoe fits, but it in every colour…

(P.S. The dress comes in a few other colours, too, just in case you needed any MORE temptation…)

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