Confusing Shoes: Alessandro Dell’Aqua cutaway long boots


Every Superhero needs a good pair of boots, but like my friends at The Fashion Police, I have to admit that the current trend for boots with peep toes just leaves me cold. Literally. I mean, my toes would be cold in them, wouldn’t they? But here’s the thing: my legs would be warm. All the way up to my knees, in fact. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I rarely find myself thinking, “Goodness, my legs are freezing, but my toes are so warm! If only there was a boot out there that could cater to those two conflicting needs!”

Strangely, though, the boots that cater to those needs DO exist, and these Alessandro Dell’Aqua cutaway long boots are just one example of them. From a distance, they look like your average pair of high heeled knee boots, and nothing wrong with that. Take a closer look, though, and:


Yeah.  Now we have ourselves a completely different boot. And while I wouldn’t quite spear these with my stiletto and throw them into space, the way I would a pair of Crocs, say, I wouldn’t give them space in the Shoeper Shoe Closet either. Would you?

BUY: Alessandro Dell’Aqua cutaway long boots, £710


  • I would give them space in my (already crowded) closet. Worn with a fabulous manicure, probably with a hot pink or gorgeous blue polish, I think they would be fabulous! For winter, you could wear tights of any colour. Aside from the cut-outs, these are an absolutely beautiful boot, and I love boots with rear zips.

    • I do think the shape is lovely – I just know I’d never get any wear out of them at all, espeically not with our weather! With that said, I have started to come around to the concept of peep-toe ankle boots, which I absolutely hated when they first started to appear, so I may be won over by these too, in time…

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