Valentino red patent stiletto peep toe shoes with bow


If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll already know that I love me some bows. Quite a lot, actually. In fact, show me a show with a big ol’ bow stuck to the front, and I’ll generally show you my credit card in return. This is lucky for me (although not so for the aforementioned credit card) because there are a LOT of shoes around at the moment in this style. A LOT.

The absolute King of the Bows, however, is Valentino, and these red patent peep toes are a perfect example.  The bow on the front of these is definitely one of the more extravagant out there, and that makes these instantly recognisable:  in fact, I’m sure I recognised them being worn by the model in the advert for the new Dove deodorant a few weeks ago – take from that what you will.

Of course, such shoes don’t come cheap: you can buy these direct from the Valentino website, but they’ll cost you £410.


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