Christian Louboutin glitter platform pumps

christian-ouboutin-glitterI thought long and hard about which shoes should be the very first ones to be featured here at Shoeperwoman.

Clearly these shoes would have to be special. They would have to be head-turning,  jaw-dropping, and all of those other phrases that imply “Whooaa, look at those shoes!” They wouldn’t necessarily have to be the kind of shoes you’d wear every day, or even on a regular basis, but they would have to be the kind of shoes I’d happily put up on display here at my secret hideout, when I wasn’t wearing them. They’d have to be shoe kryptonite – the kind of footwear that will easily destroy both my willpower and my sanity.

In other words, they would have to be Christian Louboutin’s glitter platform pumps.

These fulfill all of the criteria outlined above, plus they’d make me feel like a princess. A slightly OTT kind of princess, sure, but a princess all the same.

By my very favourite designer, they’re $745, and you can buy them at Saks.


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