Wedding Shoes Roundup | The Best Budget Bridal Shoes

wedding shoes roundup

I posted some wedding guest outfit suggestions a couple of weeks ago, but with wedding season almost upon us, today I thought I’d take a look at some wedding shoes for the bride herself!  I know from experience that finding the right wedding shoes to wear with that dress can be harder than you might expect. Who would’ve thought shoe-shopping could ever be a chore? Not me, but finding wedding shoes that are the right colour, the right height AND the right budget isn’t always easy… which is where ShoeperWoman comes in.

When it comes to wedding shoes, there are two main schools of thought. One is that a special occasion deserves equally special shoes, and for one of the most important days of your life, you may as well go all-out and buy that expensive pair of designer heels you’ve set your heart on.

The second school of thought takes the opposite approach, and says that if you’re wearing a floor-length dress, as many brides do, no one is actually going to see your shoes anyway: why spend a ton of money on shoes, when there are so many other wedding-related expenses you could cover instead.

Both of these approaches are equally valid, and which one you choose will be a matter of personal preference/budget. For the purpose of this wedding shoes roundup, however, I’ve chosen to focus on the “budget” end of the market. (Obviously “budget” means different things to different people, so for this post I’m using it to mean “non-designer”.) There are lots of beautiful bridal shoes out there which won’t cost more than the wedding itself, but that choice can sometimes be overwhelming, so I’ve narrowed down the selection to some of my current favourites. I’ve also chosen to concentrate on the traditional white/ivory wedding shoes here: in recent years, it’s become much more common for bridal shoes to come in a range of colours, and I think it’s a great idea to choose shoes you’ll be able to wear again, but I know lots of brides still prefer to find shoes that will match their dress, so those are the ones I’m featuring today.

Take a look through the gallery for more information on each shoe, and  if those aren’t enough for you, you can also take a look at my dedicated wedding shoes page, to see all of the bridal shoes I’ve featured here in the past. Happy hunting!

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