How To Wear Short Shorts

how to wear short shorts

Meet Dulce. Isn’t she gorgeous? She blogs over at She Petite, and she’s here today to prove that YES, you CAN wear short shorts: and look amazing in them, too!

Short shorts are one of those styles that many women are scared to wear. The clue to that is in the name itself: they’re short shorts – which means they’re naturally going to leave a whole lot of leg on display, and that thought can be a little daunting if you’re not too keen on your legs. The fact is, though, short shorts can be incredibly flattering, as they’re also the perfect choice for the hot, humid weather we’ve been having here in the UK: I mean, just look at this outfit! I feel all cool and breezy just looking at it!

For me, the key to making short shorts work is all in the cut. If you look at Dulce’s shorts, you’ll see that they have fairly wide leg openings, which has the effect of making your thighs look slimmer and more toned – yes, really: I hate my legs, and don’t exactly relish the thought of getting them out every summer, but even I think my thighs look better in loose-cut short shorts than they do in a longer, tighter cut – who knew?

The other tip we can take from this particular outfit is the shoes. Many women will instinctively go for flats when wearing short shorts, but I definitely favour a wedge heel, like the ones Dulce is wearing here. Not only are these wedges super-cute, and the perfect match for the outfit, on someone like me, they’d also help elongate the leg, making them more flattering than flats, but often just as comfortable.

Dulce’s outfit is available to buy here – and don’t forget to go and say hello, over on her blog!

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