Six Trends I’ll (Probably) Never Try

I actually hesitated before starting to write this post, because, in the course of my blogging career, I’ve noticed that any time I admit to not loving an item of clothing or footwear, I always seem to end up offending someone.

That’s never, ever my intention, of course, and I just want to make that clear right from the start of this one. I’ve no idea why it’s considered controversial to say a particular item isn’t to your taste, because taste is all it is, and taste is totally subjective. I don’t actually believe there’s any such thing as “good taste” or “bad taste” – it’s all simply different taste, and wouldn’t it be a dull old world if every one of us liked exactly the same things? Exactly.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, then, on to the post itself, featuring five fashion trends I’ll (probably) never try. I added the “probably” here, purely because I know you should never say never (And I’ve done it before, only to end up going back on my word), but have you ever come across a tend which just makes you go, “Nope! No way will I EVER wear THAT?” I have. Here are some of the trends in question…

distressed jeans


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of distressing on a pair of jeans, but when it’s taken THIS far, I always think it looks like someone played a cruel joke on the wearer of the jeans by cutting two giant holes in them while she was asleep or something…

glove shoes



When I wrote about glove shoes a few weeks ago, everyone seemed to love them, so I now feel like I’m literally the only person in the world who’s not on board with this trend. I think the main issue for me is that these just wouldn’t work with my style: if you tend to wear clothes that are very edgy/contemporary, then these might look great with them, but with the style of clothes I normally favour, they’d just look really frumpy, unfortunately!

denim jumpsuit


I’m not a big fan of jumpsuits in general, but I’ve learned the hard way that baggy, shapeless clothes are not my friends, so this one would be particularly hard for me to wear. Also in this photo…


Yes, I know they’re super-comfortable, and that, like the glove shoes above, I’m probably the only person left who hasn’t bought a pair yet, but unless I had to wear them for practical reasons, I can’t imagine myself ever thinking, “Yes, these would definitely be the best choice of shoe for that outfit!”

sheer dress


You know those nightmares where you suddenly realise you’re out in public naked – or, in my case, in my dressing gown/nightwear? Dresses like this remind me of those nightmares. And this photo reminds me of the last item on my list, which is…


You probably look cool and edgy in a pair of flatforms. I, on the other hand, would look like a golf club – I absolutely guarantee it.

Which trends would YOU never try?


  • Am with you on all of the above. I remember really offending someone I worked with who asked me opinion on flatforms and seemed a bit taken aback when I told them that in all honesty I think they look like orthopedic shoes that people are prescribed to wear rather than something you would willingly spend money on.

  • I agree with all of those also. I don’t care how comfortable the shoes are I just can’t wear ugly shoes.

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