How to wear double denim, Miranda Kerr style

how to wear double denim

Can I please be Miranda Kerr when I grow up?

Seriously: she’s fast becoming one of my biggest style icons of the moment, and I particularly love Miranda’s more dressed-down looks. Actually, I think Miranda Kerr’s casual style is probably way more stylish than my own “dressed up” style, and that’s something I really envy. I mean, anyone can get dressed up for the night, can’t they? It’s a little bit harder to look effortlessly stylish when you’re walking through the airport, or taking your dog for a walk, say, and until fairly recently, I’d have said it was all but impossible to look good in double-denim, either.

Ah yes, double denim: the old ‘Texas Tuxedo’. Up until the last couple of years or so, it was seen as a bit of a fashion faux-pas. These days, however, double denim is everywhere you look, and no one does it better than Miranda Kerr. I mean, look:

So, how do you wear double denim Miranda Kerr style, as opposed to cowboy style? Well, just from looking at this outfit alone, I’d say:


I know I bang on about this aaaalll the time, but the reason Miranda Kerr always looks amazing in denim – regardless of what she’s wearing with it – is because it always fits like it was made for her. (And who knows, maybe it was.) These jeans are perfect on her – and are exactly the kind of jeans I’ve been searching for for YEARS now, with minimal distressing, and ankle-length cut, and a bright blue colour – love ’em.


Miranda’s denim shirt is almost the same colour as her jeans, which helps smarten up the look – two different colours would make the overall effect less streamlined, and more casual. Her navy trenchcoat, meanwhile, is part of the same colour family, and she’s kept her accessories neutral, too.

Here’s a lower-budget take on Miranda Kerr style:

MIranda Kerr style double denim

jeans // shirt// trench// shoes

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