Ways I’ve Worn… Office red ‘After All’ platforms

These red platform shoes are by Office, and were sent to be courtesy of Idealo.co.uk, back in 2011:

red high heel shoes

Now, I wear these shoes a lot: so much so, in fact, that I’m probably going to have to think about replacing them soon, because that suede upper is starting to look just a little bit the worse for wear.

Because I wear these so often, I assumed I’d have lots of photos to show you in this “Ways I Wore” post. As it turns out, though, I could only find three. And it just so happens that I’m wearing almost exactly the same thing in two of them:

red shoes and Stop Staring dress

Shoe Challenge 2011: red shoes with Stop Staring polka dot dress

red shoes with black and white dress

Shoe Challenge 2012: Red shoes with River Island dress

red shoes with navy midi dtess

Shoe Challenge 2013: Red shoes with Misguided polka dot dress

OK, so it’s not EXACTLY the same outfit, but in both 2011 and 2013 I wore a navy, polka dot pencil dress with these shoes – whoops. These have yet to make it through the 2014 Shoe Challenge, but I think I should probably add another element to this challenge, and challenge myself to wear them with something OTHER than a polka dot dress.

Then again, maybe I won’t…

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