Topshop ‘Margot’ Jacquard Heeled Platforms

Topshop 'Margot' Jacquard Heeled Platforms

Topshop ‘Margot’ Jacquard Heeled Platforms

More platforms and more jacquard: both have been really popular lately, and although it’s a little unusual to see jacquard as part of a spring/summer collection (It’s a fabric I always tend to associate with colder weather, although that might just be me!), I’m not complaining in the slightest. I’ve always associated the fabric with quality and luxury, and the colours used here are light and springlike (Although it’s worth noting here that the single review on the Topshop website at the time I’m writing this post notes that the fabric actually has a pinkish hue to it, which isn’t apparent from this photo…), making these shoes something you could wear right now (although possibly with a pair of tights, depending on your climate!), and later in the year, too.

I spoke a few weeks ago about how platforms have been making a bit of a comeback: they’re not quite everywhere yet, but they do seem to be cropping up more and more often. These ones have a 5″ heel, but the platform sole will account for at least 1″ of that, making them easier to walk in than you might imagine. Actually, although they can look pretty daunting at first, I find that platforms tend to be much more comfortable than many other high heels, for just that reason – the high sole makes the heel feel shorter, and although you might have to make some adjustments to your walk, to account for the thicker, clumpier sole, they can be a good introduction to heels for the otherwise uninitiated.

As these are a light colour, they’ll work with various different spring shades and outfits, and I think they’d look particularly good with colours like the turquoises, greens and yellows that appear in the pattern of the jacquard fabric.

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