Topshop ‘Galactic’ red studded court shoes


Topshop Galactic

Topshop ‘Galactic’ red studded court shoes, £60

I’ve been showing you a lot of Topshop shoes recently: this is one brand which I always feel really comes into its own during Autumn/Winter, which probably explains why so many of their shoes have been catching my eye.

These red pumps go by the name ‘Glactic’, and are also available in black. The studs and spikes on the toe are obviously the main feature here, but they’re also the thing that will put a lot of people off. If you are a fan of the spiky look, however, £60 isn’t a bad price for this style of shoe, and at least you won’t have to worry about people treading on your toes. Well, not more than once, anyway…

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  • oooh! I’ve never really seen a pair of studded shoes I’ve loved, but these are amazing! I love the combination of the spikes with the classic shape of the court and the suede/leather combination. These are beautiful.

  • They would make a great weapon for when you’re on public transport, as the pointy bits face the public. I like them!

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