Dress of the Day | Dollydagger ‘Vivien’ mint satin dress

Dollydagger mint green Vivien dress

Dollydagger Vivien dress, £99

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A Dollydagger sale alert dropped into my inbox a few days ago, leading me into very dangerous territory. I tried my best to ignore it, but the siren song was too loud, and that’s how I came to discover this gorgeous ‘Viven’ dress.

Mint green, and with a sweetheart neckline, puff sleeves, a wide waistband and full skirt, this is retro-inspired loveliness at its very best. This dress is also available in a range of colours (including emerald green, which I also love), one of which is modeled on the Dollydagger site with a petticoat, for extra dramatic effect.

The colour and fabric might mark this out as the kind of dress you’d have to reserve for special occasions (I think it would make a beautiful bridesmaid’s dress, or could even be a nice choice for the unconventional bride herself), but some of the other shades (such as the black, for instance) could be just a little more versatile.

This is currently on sale, and while it’s still expensive, at £99, that’s a price drop of £40, which might just be enough to convince you. Be warned, though: the sale ends on August 31st, so if you want to buy ‘Vivien’ here, in this or any other colour, you have just a few days to do it!  If you DON’T like this dress, meanwhile, but you are a fan of vintage-inspired style, the rest of the sale is worth checking out, too: just don’t blame me if it ends up costing a whole lot more than you bargained for!


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