Steve Madden “PROPPERR” bow front sandals

I think Steve Madden is getting better at the whole “not copying other designers” thing. I mean, you could argue that these draw inspiration from Christian Louboutin’s Madame Butterly platforms, but I think “inspiration” is really all you could claim – if even that – because it’s not like Louboutin was the first to come up with the idea of adding multiple bows to the front of a sandal, and there are lots of differences here anyway, so once again I think Madden has managed to come up with a cute show that bears only a slight resemblance to the work of another designer. There’s hope for him yet. Or at least, there was until I saw the three-bowed “Faame” booties right next to these ones one the website. Oh, well.

(He has no excuse on the spelling, though. None.)

I love these shoes – you all knew I was going to say that, though, didn’t you? Just the right amount of twee-ness from the bows, plus a colour selection that would leave me with a serious dilemma on my hands (these are also available in black): what’s not to love?

These are $149.99: click here to buy them.


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