Shoeperwoman’s Capsule Shoe Challenge!

Four pairs of shoes. That’s what I’m packing for my trip to Florida next week. It’s probably about three pairs more than I’ll actually need, but in my defence:

1) two of the pairs of shoes in question are very lightweight (the flats and flip-flops), so they’ll hardly take up any room in my suitcase, or add much to the weight of it.

2) I’ll be wearing one of the two heavier pairs to the airport (I always maximise my luggage allowance by wearing my heaviest shoes to check in, and then changing into a pair of flats once I’m on the plane, or approaching security).

I now have a new challenge on my hands, though. Unlike my Shoeper Shoe Challenge, in which I have to wear as many different pairs of shoes as I can in the space of a year, this challenge will force me to wear the same four pairs of shoes over and over again for the next three weeks. Of course, I WILL probably buy at least one new pair of shoes while I’m away, so this challenge will become progressively easier as time goes by, but, well, let’s see how I get on.

In selecting which shoes to pack, I always try to stick to a colour scheme, and only take shoes that will work with everything in my suitcase. For this trip it was reasonably easy because I’ve been to Florida more than a dozen times, so I know exactly what to expect (I know, for instance, that I won’t be needing dress shoes, and if I DO find myself in need of some, I can always buy a pair there), so my capsule shoe collection includes:

 1 and 2: One pair of canvas flats (from Next), one pair of flip-flops (yup, it’s those ones from Accessorize). You can already see what my “theme” is, can’t you?

The flip-flops are self-explanatory. The canvas flats come along for those times when I’m going to be doing a fair bit of walking, and don’t want the flip-flops to keep falling off my feet.

 3– My red canvas wedges, seen here many a time now. I took these to Florida last year, wore them to death, and never before have I had so many complete strangers stop me and compliment me on my shoes – not bad for a pair of cheapy wedges from Matalan! They’re now looking rather the worse for wear: I’ve tried in vain to replace them, but couldn’t find anything that was just right, so I’ve washed them instead and am hoping to get a few more months out of them at least! These are perfect for vacations because they’re really comfortable and I can walk for miles in them,  but they do have a high heel – I couldn’t face three weeks in flats!


4. Tan peep toes (which look better in real life than they do in this photo on account of the fact that moments before I took this, I kicked over the dog’s water bowl by mistake and soaked them…). These were a gift from Barratts a couple of years ago, and because they’re close enough to “nude” on me to allow me to wear them with almost anything, they were quickly became my “go to” shoes for Spring and Summer. Basically, if it’s a reasonably dry day and there isn’t a new Shoe Challenge post on here, it’s a safe bet that these are what I’m wearing. The consequence of this is that, like the red wedges, they’ve now seen better days, but I wear them so much I couldn’t not bring them with me…

Oh, and I’m also taking my running shoes, because Shoeperman is convinced we’ll be doing some running while we’re over there. I’m taking them just to humour him in this, but I’m not including them in my shoe tally, because my philosophy is that running shoes are only for running, nothing else. Ahem.

So! Four pairs of shoes (plus any others I might buy while I’m gone), three weeks. Can I do it? I don’t really have much choice…


  • Those have got to be the cutest flip-flops I’ve ever seen!
    I completely agree on the flat sandals front. It’s extremely difficult to find a pair that’s not eye-scorchingly ugly. I own a single pair that I managed to buy last summer, and pray they’ll last me another year because I honestly cannot even bear to think of going through the hell of looking for new ones.

    • Thanks – I just couldn’t resist them!

      I’ve only ever tried on flat sandals, but as well as not liking the look of them, they always seem to rub my feet in awkward places: maybe I’m just built funny 🙂 The canvas flats are great, though, because the material is really breathable (much more so than the sneakers and Crocs everyone seems to wear over there) and they’re comfortable, which will be all that matters to me after a few hours in the heat!

  • When I started to read this post from your main page, I immediately thought of those tan coloured peep toe shoes you wore in, “Shoeper Shoe Challange no. 19 – Hold on to your hat”. I was delighted to see that it looks like you are taking a very similar (or possibly the same?) pair 🙂 I think tan is a fantastic colour, it works great regardless of the season; it’s perfect for boots in winter, and courts in summer! Oh, and for you personally, it complements the colour of your hair magnificently!

    I also much prefer canvas flats to sandals for the summer casual, especially low ankle lace up ones. I think they not only look better (sandals look too flimsy to me, no defining structure), but are also more comfortable and still very much breathable in any weather. I believe they are more versatile than sandals too, as they work well with skirts, trousers, leggings or even jeans, and come in such a variety of differing colours (and are so cheap) that it’s easy to be creative! 🙂

    • I’m embarrassed to admit that not only are these different shoes from tje Shoe Challenge ones, I also have another two pairs that are really similar to them 🙂 I totally agree, though, it’s such a versatile colour – definitely one of my favourites!

  • If you have a style that works, why mess with it! I do like the tan/nude peep toe style. And completely agree about the low sandals, I just don’t like them and most flats are really comfy, for walking around all day on holidays I just have flats and flip flops!
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..The Zoo! =-.

  • First off, I am totally in love with those wedges. Second, I applaud your self-restraint in only bringing four. I usually bring around that much, but the temptation to bring more has been great.

  • Isn’t it amazing? I was born in a very very sunny country and now I live in a cold one (but not for that long anymore!!! Hopefully!) You go to Florida next week, this is great (so, leaving the UK for a sunnier place)!!! And all I can think about is going to the UK on Tuesday (and I will!!!!!!! Can’t wait!) Enjoy your trip and the shoes you are taking are lovely, comfortable and the tan ones very elegant! I’m sure you will buy some cute shoes there…! As for me, I’m thinking of the fantastic shoes I will take with me… thinking for a month, to tell you the truth! On Monday… I must have all packed!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Shoes, pictures, relaxing a bit =-.

  • Only four? I’ve just packed my stuff for summer in Thailand…But I’ll be there for almost 3 months,,and I’m bringing 11 pairs……I started with more though, then I have the hardest time eliminating each pair out..

    Have fun in Florida!

  • I saw the flipflops at accessories and I’m goign to get them this weekend! LOVE THEM!!
    I think you’ll do just fine with only 4 pairs (+whatever you get from there) of shoes. I remember I had to live with only 2 pairs (and later bought a 3rd) last summer when I went to Spain and Portugal. If I survived so can you 🙂
    Happy Vacation!

  • Those little red flats are absolutely ducky! Canvas too, I’ve been looking for some breathable flats for a while now (patent leather closed toe in summer doesn’t really appeal).

    You’ve inspired me to try a red shoe- I’ve had henna red hair for about 5 years now (went from my natural white blonde after finally losing my patience with being asked if I bleached it) and was always told by my naturally titian best friend that pink and red are verboten…

    • Oh, only next to the face, I think 🙂 I don’t wear red or pink tops because they tend to clash really badly (although I know lots of redheads who look fabulous in red – think it all depends on the colour) but red shoes will always work 🙂

  • Oh, how rude- do have fun in the States! I’ll be mostly galumphing around in hiking boots on my holiday to Pembrokeshire this year, so I do envy you!

  • I’ve never been to Florida and don’t know the weather there, but I’m surprised that you didn’t include a pair for rainy days (meaning: closed toes and water-resistant). I always include one pair for bad weather…
    By the way: I’ve been to Barcelona for about one week in mid-april, did a lot of walking through the city, and did it all with ONE pair of black sneakers. But I guess I’m strange anyway…

  • I’m boring, and always take my spring court canvas shoes. Not the most stylish, but very comfortable, cool, and I have navy ones, so they look sort of nautical.

  • Right, I’m now having to go to accesorize tomorrow because I am totally in love with those flip flops! Are they material rather than plastic? So cute!
    Have a fantastic time in Florida – two weeks time and I’ll be there too! Sun sun sun 🙂

  • Hey shoeperwoman,
    I bought these flip flops and they’re super comfortable, I walked around in them i the store and everything was fine. The next day I put them on, and wherever I walked they were making funny noises. (similar to the sound to that suction thingies that you stick on the window being removed)
    I was wondering if the same happened to you?
    thank you!

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