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I’m kicking off this week’s Shoeper Shoesday roundup with a pair of shoes that have been calling my name since the moment I saw them:

Topshop Masquerade two-part sandals

Topshop Masquerade Two-Part Sandals

Of course, the fact that these are only £29 has made it even harder for me to keep on resisting them: I mean, £29, people! That was certainly a pleasant surprise, when attached to such a gorgeous pair of sandals, don’t you think? I love the vintage look of the interwoven strap, while the rose gold metallic leather and nude suede is one of those combinations that manages to be simultaneously glamorous and understated.

The next pair, on the other hand, are far easier to resist – but only because the price tag puts them way out of my reach, in any case:

SAINT LAURENT Jane bow-embellished glittered satin sandals

Saint Laurent Jane bow-embellished glittered satin sandals

Can you tell the retail world is already starting to gear up for party season? All of those sequins are a sure sign – and while I’m nowhere near ready to think about Christmas right now (or probably ever, truth be told…), I do love these silver glitter sandals by Saint Laurent, with their cute little contrasting black bow.

Speaking of bows…

MIU MIU Bow-embellished satin pumps

Miu Miu bow-embellished satin pumps

I’m actually not a fan of the heel on these (which is a huge part of the current collection from Miu Miu_, but I do love the bow, plus the unusual, blue-ish grey colour of these shoes. The rounded toe, on the other hand (foot?) will take a bit of getting used to, after so many years of seeing pointed toes almost exclusively, but I guess a change is as god as a rest, right?

Balenciaga patent leather knee boots

Balenciaga patent leather knee boots

These might just be the best pair of knee boots I’ve ever seen – or top 10, at the very least. Too bad they’re £755, huh?

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