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Charlotte Olympia Twilight Princess Pumps

I know it’s only the very start of September, but that means Halloween is next month, people – NEXT MONTH. (Quick pause her for the usual reflections on how quickly the year has gone by, and how soon it’ll be Christmas, and OMG, I need to start planning for Christmas!) With that in mind, I thought these Charlotte Olympia ‘Twilight Princess’ pumps were a fitting start to the new season – and yes, I know it’s still technically summer, but everyone’s talking about autumn now, and it certainly feels like it today, so I’m just going with the flow, here. Anyway, I thought these were appropriate mostly because of the star on the front, which I always think gives a shoe/dress/whatever a bit of a magic, witchy kind of feel somehow. Just me? OK, well if witches aren’t quite your thing, maybe unicorns will be more to your taste?

ASOS LULAMOON Unicorn Ballet Flats

They’re not quite to MY taste, to be perfectly honest: I’m really not a fan of the idea of “dressing your age“, but I can’t help feeling a little bit too old for shoes like this, fun though they are. These are just £25 at ASOS, who do a pretty good job of creating ballet flats that are anything but boring, so if these aren’t for you either, I’m sure you won’t have to look for too long before you find something that is.

Finally, I seem to have inadvertently strayed into something of a “glitter” theme here, so I may as well continue it, with Topshop’s ‘Sparkler’ slippers:

Topshop sparkler pumps
Now, ordinarily, low-heeled flats wouldn’t be remotely my taste either, but something abut these ones (er, probably the gold glitter upper, let’s be honest…) grabbed me as son as I laid eyes on them, and it just wouldn’t let go. I think these could be a great alternative to party-season heels for those of you who can’t or don’t want to wear heels – or even for those of us who DO, but who just can’r resist a bit of gold glitter on a shoe!

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