Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 6: Equestrian

What: River Island brown knee boots
When: Sunday, March 6th, 2011
Where: Local viaduct
With: New Look tweed jacket, Zara sweater, Dorothy Perkins jeans

Just some very quick snaps for this Challenge: I’m afraid I was a little optimistic about the temperature when I decided to abandon my winter coat in favour of a thinner jacket, and even although that jacket was layered up with a wool sweater and, well, a thermal vest, I was still feeling the chill. Back to the coats for another few weeks at least, I fear!

I’m back in jeans again for the second challenge in a row. Sorry about that: as you may have read over on my personal blog, I’ve been feeling totally uninspired by my winter wardrobe recently. I’ve never really been much of a fan of winter clothes, anyway, but by this point in the year I’m just desperate to get into my Spring/Summer stuff again: the fact that the shops are full of gorgeous sundresses and summery skirts (some of which may well have already found their way into my wardrobe), doesn’t really help! Add in a bit of a hair disaster and I find myself just reaching for comfort clothes a lot of the time right now, especially on the weekend.

This jacket was one of my favourite finds of last year. I discovered it tucked away at the back of a rack of dresses in New Look: there was only one left (which just so happened to be in my size!) and it had a rip in the seam under the arm. I could tell by looking at it that the tear wouldn’t be too hard to fix, but New Look are generally really good about discounting stuff that’s damaged, so they knocked off about 20% of the price, and I walked away with a bit of a bargain. I love it when that happens!

I also love the equestrian feel of it, and the little touches like the split sleeves and gold buttons. Sometimes New Look will surprise me with something that’s really nicely cut like that.

Um, this was supposed to be about shoes, wasn’t it? Here they are again:

Well, sort of.



  • I know what you mean about craving the summer clothes. The sun is shining outside my office, and I can’t seem to reconcile the fact that I’m still layered up in tights and a cardy. Oh to wear a light cotton frock! Still… at least the sun is here, perhaps the heat is just a little way off… although my Mum has a saying ‘Ne’er cast a clout til May be out’ … Seems like such a long way off though.

  • I love the whole look. In fact it’s a look I’ve tried to recreate many a time and BIG FAT FAILED. Ah well. You do it so much better than I ever could xx

  • Love that jacket soooo much! I bough a similar one from Mango in the sales but returned it shortly after as I decided I had nothing to wear itwith….wish I’d kept it now!

    By the way your hair looks lovely and suits you pinned back like that!

  • I love the boots ^^ I hate winter clothes too, I end up giving up and just layer about 3 tops under a the same hoodie, simply because it’s the only way I can stay warm. Can’t wait for spring/summer to come ^^

  • Oh, you look simply AWESOME *_* lovely outfit! I’ve bought a similar jacket from Miss Selfrige 😀 in green tartan! Great idea ^_^ hihi!!


  • It’s quite funny Amber, your wintery posts where you are dreaming of summer and cocktails is achieving the complete opposite effect for me, I’m getting excited about my winter coats and colourful tights!
    Summer just doesn’t do it for me, and luckily winter in NZ isn’t quite as freezing as the middle of Scotland! Although, as I’ve said before, this does mean we miss out on the pretty snow and frozen lakes etc. Will have to make do with creepy winter trees!

    You look lovely, that fawn colour of the blazer really suits you 🙂

  • Lovely! Quite jealous of those boots!

    Know what you mean about the whole jacket/coat debate. I keep thinking “look, it’s sunny outside” and abandoning my coat. I have spent a lot of the last few days with chilly arms as all of my jackets seem to have bracelet length sleeves.

  • The cut of the jacket is very good, and I love the buttons. I don’t know what’s up with me lately but I’m really into buttons.

    Ps. Your hair is looking cute 🙂 (Is this pre or post hair drama? I can’t really tell)

    • It’s post drama – these were taken on Sunday! I only had the front of the hair cut so when it’s pinned back you can’t tell – hence the hairstyle!

  • Love the jacket! You seem to find the most adorable jackets everywhere. And your hair looks fine pinned back like this.

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