Shoe Challenge: Follow your fellow Challengettes on Twitter!

A while back, I mentioned I was going to put together a list of Shoe Challengettes on Twitter, to make it easier for us all to follow one another and chat about the challenge – and anything else we fancy, of course.

Then I promptly forgot all about it. Whoops.

Anyway, I finally got myself into gear last night, and started putting together the list in question, which you can find here. As you’ll notice, I only have 19 of you listed at the moment, but worry not: it’s still very much a work in process, so if you send me a message on Twitter to let me know you’re a Challengette, I’ll be sure to add you! (Please can you make this a little easier on me and make sure you send your message on Twitter rather than in the comments here?)

You can find my Twitter account here, and the list here. See you over there!

(P.S. Can you please send messages about this to my @Shoeperwoman account? I’m getting some messages to my personal Twitter instead, and I don’t want to miss anyone!)


  • I know you said to send a message on twitter but I am new to twitter and have no idea! I tried to send you a message but it said I can’t send a dm to someone who doesn’t follow me! i’m prob doing something wrong! Can you add me to the list and i may (in about 50 yrs) work out how ouse twitter-yes, yes I know I’m stooopid.

    • You don’t have to send a DM – just type “@shoeperwoman” (without the inverted commas, obviously!) into the box you type status updates etc into, and then your message. I would just add you, but I don’t know what your Twitter user name is!

  • Hi Amber, Karen & Siel

    I’ve been on Twitter for a while now. Follow me when you join up (@gabfran). You can do this by going to the following URL:

    and clicking ‘Follow’.

    Then send me an @reply saying hi and using the hashtag #shoeperchallenge. I can then forward you some useful Twitter 101 style instruction guides. See you soon!

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