Shoe Save # 33/ 77: Christian Louboutin purple suede N. Prive slingbacks

WHAT: Christian Louboutin purple N. Prive slingbacks
WHEN: Friday, July 29th, 2011
WHERE: Dinner in the city
WITH: Stop Staring navy polka dot dress

(I took these photos in a bit of a hurry, and only afterwards did I notice the little dog toy known as “Rubin’s hairy bone” had made it into all of them. It’s the little fuzzy, bright thing in front of the shoe shelves, just in case you’re wondering…)

Almost every time I wear navy, I’ll also wear red shoes. (Actually, almost every time I get dressed I’ll wear red shoes. I guess it would be fair to say they’re a particular favourite.) For this challenge, though, I was determined to save my favourite Louboutins, so I went with purple shoes instead. And I even painted my toenails purple to match, rather than my usual bright red. This is what passes for “experimental” with me, folks. This is also why I don’t post daily outfit photos. Anyway…

These were the very first pair of Louboutins I ever got, and they have a lot of sentimental value for me:

I actually wear them fairly often, and find they work just as well with jeans and trousers as they do with dresses, but on Friday I really wanted to wear this Stop Staring dress, which I bought at the Unique Vintage store in L.A. this summer:

I have a LOT of polka dot dresses already, obviously, but as soon as I laid eyes on this one, I knew I would have a hard time leaving it behind!

Aaaand, there’s a close-up of that dog toy. Thanks, Rubin!

And there it is again. Classy, no?

This nail polish is a scented one, by Revlon. Β (Disclosure: nail polish sent to me as a review sample.) It smells like fruit.

Why, yes, I DO love these shoes! What gave it away?

I always feel such a sense of relief when a favourite pair of shoes is saved. And hey, I only have another 44 pairs to go! Oh, God

Want to see my scary claw hand? I’ll have some of the outtakes and extras from this challenge up on my Facebook page soon!


  • Have major shoe envy with these. Purple and the red sole is close to a perfect combo IMO.

    Btw looking super pretty today missis! Positively glowing πŸ™‚

    • *blushing*

      I do love the purple on these… When I got them, my instinct was to go for a black pair instead, but the colour is much more versatile than you’d think, and so gorgeous to look down at πŸ™‚

  • Amazing shoes! The color is so pretty! And I loved how you even painted your toenails purple to match the shoes!
    Your dress is also lovely! You look gorgeous as always!

  • Such a nice dress and amazing shoes! You are right, good that you saved them! I never wore my pair of Louboutins, but anyway, follow the mantra “never give away a pair designed by the master”!
    The dress reminded me of one my mother had… I kept it, to wear it and feel closer to her, but after all I didn’t have the courage to do it… so it was very nice seeing you wearing the same pattern and color here… really nice!!!
    I loved the nail polish, but somehow I am used to seeing you wearing red! Anyway, lovely!

    • Aww, you should wear the dress when you feel you can – I always think it’s so nice to see clothes being handed down the generations like that!

      I almost always do wear red on my toes, but I fancied a change – I have so much nail polish I never wear I could probably do a challenge with that too πŸ™‚

  • I can NEVER walk away when I see a polka dot dress! Looks great on you πŸ™‚ And love the shoes! I want a pair of Louboutins myself someday…

    PS: I just took a look at the out-takes at your facebook page and now “I’m a little teapot” is stuck in my head πŸ˜€

  • I just love that dress – it’s beautiful and you look amazing in it! Love the shoes, too. Such a pretty colour πŸ™‚

  • I was going to ask about that hairy thing…but I guess I don’t need to now πŸ™‚

    on another note, YOU LOOK AMAZING! But that’s nothing new, is it?

    P/S: is that the passionfruit nail polish? Or am I imagining having read that? It’s such a pretty colour.. This is getting kind of long and king of irrelevant, but what happens if you wear fruit scented nail polish with the Lady Dragon shoes?

    • Yes, it’s the Passionfruit! I haven’t worn it with Lady Dragons, but the nail scent is really just a gimmick, I think – you can only smell it if you’re really close to it, so it wouldn’t drown out the scent of the shoes (not that that you can smell them while you’re wearing them either, mind you!). It does smell gorgeous, though – when I wear it on my fingers I have to keep sniffing it! (Um, that made me sound a bit weird, didn’t it?) They actually do a bubblegum scented one, which I haven’t tried, but which I guess would be perfect to wear with Lady Dragons!

  • I officially want to chop off your hair and wear it as a wig. It looks so pretty and effortlessly beautiful.

    Oh, and the fuzzy bone is cute. It looks a little like a bow, which is perfect for you. Did Rubin ever chew up your shoes as a puppy?

    • Oh God, yes! He managed to get through quite a few pairs, and he seemed to have an unerring instinct for which pairs were my favourites! Luckily he did grow out of it: I don’t think he could be made to touch one of my shoes now!

  • HA HA…yes you love those shoes and only 44 to go!

    I have that exact same Stop Staring dress. How is the Unique Vintage store in person? I’ve only shopped it online.

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