Shoe Save # 34/77: Faith ‘Lecloud’ black slingbacks

WHAT: Faith Lecloud black slingbacks
WHEN: Saturday, July 30th, 2011
WHERE: Family dinner
WITH: Vintage Allure ‘Jailhouse’ dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Ukita satchel (c/0 Shopbop), Gucci sunglasses

Hi! Today I’m wearing sunglasses indoors, just to see how many of you are paying attention.

OK, I’m not: I only wore them when I went out, but I thought I’d show you what the outfit looked like “in the wild” too. I know, too much time on my hands. Anyway!

These shoes were the last thing I purchased from Faith before it went bust. They are shamelessly drawing “inspiration” from both YSL and Christian Louboutin, but they don’t care, because they are high and lethal (although actual quite comfortable, considering).

How did Faith get away with the red sole for so long? We will never know.

This dress is by Vintage Allure, and it’s one of those dresses of mine which has A Story behind it. It’s a sad story. Tissues at the ready….

I ordered the dress last December, right before I went on holiday to Tenerife. I was planning to wear it out there, on one of the two anniversaries Shoeperman and I celebrated while we were away, but then the snow came. And the mail… didn’t. The Royal Fail, as I like to call them, took all of my packages hostage, and refused to hand them over to me, no matter how much I begged and pleaded, so I was forced to head off without the dress. It was finally delivered the day after we got back, and of course, by then it was no use to me whatsoever, because we were knee-deep in snow, and it’s not exactly a winter-weight dress.

I loved it, though, so I decided to keep it anyway, and it finally got its chance to be worn this weekend, a mere seven months after I bought it.

Of course, you’d think I’d have learned by now that me and light-coloured dresses DO. NOT. MIX.

I haven’t, though, so I sat down to dinner, and before I’d eaten so much as a single bite, I’d splashed the sauce from my meal all over the front of my dress. Whoops.

Luckily, the marks came out in the wash, so the day – and the dress – was saved. So it wasn’t actually a sad story at all, really, was it? Now you know why I normally tie a tea-towel around my neck when I eat, though…


  • I like the lower variation on your holiday hairstyle! It looks so shiny and polished. As for the shoes, I have them too, and also the belt! Good taste eh?! I agree that the shoes are surprisingly comfortable. Fail safe going out shoes if I know I’m going to be on my feet a while. Gorgeous outfit, shame you didn’t get the dress in time for your holiday!

  • You look very glamorous indeed. I’m so glad that the dress got to see a little bit of sunlight before we’re plunged back into winter again as it’s such a flattering one. I love the bag too. x

  • Is that belt off of your red river island skirt? I sound like a stalker, I just REALLY REALLY want that skirt! I also love your hair, how do you do it?

    • It is indeed, well spotted! I think the dress actually came with a belt, but I now have approximately 10,765 black belts that came with dresses, so I just picked the first one I found! The hair is just a bun at the nape of the neck, with a bit of backcombing to make it bigger.

  • You look incredibly glamorous! So much so that I’m very amused by the idea of you in that gorgeous outfit, sat at the dinner table with a tea-towel knotted round your neck 😀

    • It’s the standard dinner-table look for me: it’s a running joke amongst my family that if there’s a way I can drop something or spill something, I WILL find it…

      • Same with me! My family always laugh at me when I tuck my napkin into my collar when we’re out eating. I bet you pull it off with a bit more panache than I do though 😉

  • I love this dress! So yummy and it nips you in at all the right places (not that you need it my lovely!).
    I’m also one to avoid light coloured clothing, I should really eat from a trough.

  • I used to think “pale” dresses weren’t flattering to me either, but you know what? I will try, because you look so amazing (well, but with a model’s body, of course!) I loved the dress, really, and the shoes are gorgeous too!
    I had to laugh when I read “Royal Fail” – I’ll think of it, cause I have to send some huge boxes abroad… oh my God, hope they arrive “safe and sound” (with shoes and clothes inside!!!)
    You really look amazing, looovely dress, and are you wearing red polish again? 🙂

  • I think the mags have it all wrong, naming Kate Middleton as the best dressed of the UK. It’s definitely you. That dress + that bun + those shoes + that BAG WHY HADN’T I NOTICED THAT BAG SO CUTE. You look so gorgeous.

    I also noticed the strategic Shoeperwoman logo placing! So cute and clever! I cannot love this site more.

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