Dress of the Day | Collectif ‘Eloise’ pencil dress

Collectif 'Eloise' pencil dress

Collectif ‘Eloise’ pencil dress, £52.50

I’ve been on a huge Collectif kick lately (When am I not, I hear you ask?) and have reached the stage where it would probably be quicker and easier for me to just have my salary transferred directly to their account every month, than to mine: that’s where the money seems to end up, after all!

The latest dress to attract my attention is this ‘Eloise’ pencil dress, which also comes in navy. This is everything I love to see in a dress, from the off-shoulder neckline, to the little little buttons on the collar, and the cinched-in waist. It’s totally un-fussy, which I love, and both colours are ones which will be really easy to accessorize.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Collectif Spring/Summer collection is also worth checking out. Here are some more of my favourites:

Collectif Dolores dress

The ‘Dolores’ dress is a Collectif classic: it comes in both a pencil and full-skirted version, and is released every season in a selection of different prints. This one is called “Summer Bouquet” and is just bursting with summer sunshine. If you find this print a little too bright, however, I also really like the ‘Janie’ dress, which is slightly more subtle, but just as pretty:

Janie Floral Swing Dress

As much as I love the dresses, however, I’ve had to admit that I don’t actually NEED any more dresses right now. What I DO need is separates, and Collectif comes up trumps in that department now: I’m wearing the ‘Bonnie’ cigarette pants as I write this, and also have my eye on this gingham print ‘Emily’ cardigan, which would look cute with a pair of jeans or capris:

Collectif Emily gingham cardigan

Speaking of gingham, I also like the ‘Sophia’ top:

Collectif sophia gingham top

Perfect with a pencil skirt, for a retro summer look – and not too expensive either, at just £25!

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  • I’m in the process of setting up a direct debit with them as we speak… I am determined to own that gorgeous little gingham top. It’s everything I want in a top – and more!!

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