Dress of the Day | ASOS Floral Soft Prom Dress

ASOS Floral Soft Prom Dress

ASOS Floral Soft Prom Dress, £85

OK, so I think I’m just going to have to accept that at least one dress per week is probably going to be from ASOS. Well, it’s hard to avoid them when they look as good as this, isn’t it? Or this, for that matter:

ASOS lace top midi prom dress

ASOS lace top midi prom dress, £85

These are both by the brand’s ‘ASOS Collection’ label, which comes with a higher price tag than the main line dresses, and is mostly aimed at occasional. I actually think the second dress would work as a bridesmaid’s dress, but if you’d prefer a more traditional gown for that, how about this one?

ASOS salon green ball gown

ASOS Salon green ball gown, £150

I rarely pay much attention to floor-length gowns, because I have absolutely no use for them. I have to admit, though, that this one really makes me wish I did. Seriously, why don’t people throw balls any more? Do I have to throw one myself, just to have an excuse to buy this dress? Or would this one be better, I wonder?

ASOS alon floral maxi dress

ASOS Salon floral maxi dress, £150

So gorgeous. And so completely useless to me, because I’d never, ever have anywhere to wear it, unfortunately. (If I did, I’d totally go for the first one, by the way. Just in case you were wondering…)

Here’s one I WOULD be able to wear, albeit not as often as I’d like to:

white 50s prom dress

ASOS white 50s prom dress, £70

 I’m a big fan of the little white dress, and this is such a classic one I’d want to wear it all summer long. It has a very retro feel about it with that full skirt and wide belt, and it’ll look gorgeous with a little pastel cardigan (or any colour, obviously – I’d love this with pale pink, though!) and strappy sandals.


  • I am so enamored with most of the floral prints, embroideries, and embellishments available right now, that I would buy all that I see, if it weren’t for a very limited budget. I have been trying to add some floral items to spruce up my drab wardrobe so that my stiletto pumps won’t be the only wonderful enhancement I’m wearing.

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