Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 32 / 77: Matalan red polka dot bow peep toes

WHAT:  Matalan red polka dot peep toes
WHEN:  Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
WHERE:  Dress, Pin-Up Couture

Just a very quick Shoe Challenge post today, partly because I’ve worn variations on this outfit a few times now (By which I mean I’ve worn this same dress, just with different pairs of red shoes: go me!), and, well, also because when I downloaded the photos, I realised I had my eyes closed in almost every one of them. Whoops.

Anyway, we’re continuing to enjoy some unseasonably nice weather here in Scotland (I say “unseasonably” because although it’s summertime, we normally get non-stop rain!), so I’m taking advantage of the sun to get some use out of my favourite dresses and peep-toe-shoes. Well, next week it might snow, and they’ll be no use to me then!

These shoes were from Matalan a few years ago, and I paid something ridiculous for them: I think they were all of £12, in fact, and for that price there’s no way I’m going to be resisting red shoes with bows AND polka dots:

So, navy dress, red shoes, job done. Now back to the sun! I mean, back to work!


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