Shoe Save # 74: Christmas Day

white dress yellow shoes

SHOES: Kurt Geiger ‘Corso’ Como pumps
SAVED: Christmas Day, 2011
WITH: Dress, Closet

A special day requires special shoes, so on Christmas Day I decided to save one of my very favourite pairs: my yellow Corso Como pumps from Kurt Geiger:

mustard Corso Como pumps by Kurt GeigerI love everything about these shoes… everything, that is, but that very low vamp, which has a tendency to start rubbing uncomfortably against my foot after a while: gah! They’re definitely not shoes I’d want to walk miles in, but they were perfect for Christmas day, when I didn’t have to spend a huge amount of time on my feet!

You can’t really tell from the photo, but I wore blue jewellery to pick up the blue on the heels and toes of the shoes:

I posted lots of photos of Christmas Day over at Forever Amber yesterday, so you can take a look there if you particularly want to see them. Now, on with the important business of deciding which shoes to save next!



  • I LOVE LOVELOVE those shoes! The dress not so much though, it kinda reminds me of a hospital gown.
    I do tend to like white dresses if there is lace involved (but not in a wedding gown-ish sort of way but more Wang meets Klein style.)
    Anyways, those shoes are gorgeous!:)

    • Gah, I hate throw away comments like that! Haven’t you heard the phrase if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all?

      How would you feel if you walked into a room and somebody went “not too fond of your dress, reminds me of a halloween costume”..

      Now I’m pretty sure Amber has a stronger self image than me, I’m just mad on her behalf, since I know I’d have trouble wearing my dress again after someone commented unfavorably on it.

      Besides, I want to know what hospital you go to, as I’d love to be able to wear something similar when sick, instead of those horrible, shapeless, patterened things..

      • Bless you for saying that: I must admit, I’m always a bit taken aback by comments which seem to be intentionally hurtful (everyone has different taste, obviously, and I don’t for a second expect everyone to like everything I wear, but there are ways to say things…), but I guess it comes with the territory! Thankfully there are always people like yourself, too, to balance it out, so thank you for that 🙂

        And I will most definitely wear my dress again, hospital gown or not – lol!

        • I’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt you (or at least I hope so!) but you’re right she could’ve said it in a less harsh way… It definitely doesn’t look like a hospital gown, in my opinion! I hope you didn’t interprete my comment in a negative way…

    • A hospital gown? To be honest I think that’s a pretty unkind thing to say. I hope you can reflect and realize that throw away comments like that can really hurt people.

    • I said it KINDA REMINDS ME of something and I thought we were all adults here and not kids. I would prefer an honest comment to someone rubbing honey around my mouth all the time, for I think that’s what friends do and what a fashion blog should be about – the good and the bad. I was NOT being harsh, and sorry I’m not sorry. I said a COMPLIMENT about the post for God’s sake! Also I WORK at a damned hospital so a bunch of stuff reminds me of hospitals. Geeze! Throw away comment? What is a throw away comment? Plus think about what you people write about celebrities and fashion items and compare. Hypocrite much?! I am a huge fan of Amber’s and generally love her style, but I am not her clone or twin and we can have different opinions. Geeze, freedom of speech people. And it wasn’t even being mean! I would never post a mean comment because this is after all someone else’s post not mine and if I don’t like something I just don’t comment. I commented this because I fancy those shoes and that was all. Gaarrh!

      • I’ve already responded to this on the post you wrote about me on your own blog, but just to clarify:

        1. No one’s freedom of speech is being denied, here. If I wanted to deny you the right to free speech, I would have deleted the comment and blocked you from commenting further. I haven’t done either. The fact that some people disagreed with your opinion does not mean that you have been prevented from having one: other people are allowed to have opinions too.

        2. As I said to Panthera, I don’t expect people to like all of my outfits, and I fully expect to get negative comments from time to time: that’s the nature of the internet. But me making a general observation that I am taken aback by hurtful comments (I’m human) is not the same as me telling you to “shut up”, and I think it’s a little unfair that you’ve implied on your post about me that I said that. It’s honestly surprising to me that someone who claims to be so keen on hearing honest opinions is reacting so badly to…hearing people’s honest opinions.

        I had no idea my white dress would prove to be so controversial 🙂

        • I commented on over at my blog since felt that since you left two comments there it was warranted a reply. I feel this has gone out of proportion – since all I was saying was that I like the shoes and and I like the shoes more than the dress. My reaction was based solely on what was going through my head and the sparks with were set from this conversation. I might have reacted badly in someone’s opinion but it was honestly just natural to write what was on my mind. You can see the comment over there if you wish. Anyways, I hope you do know that I didn’t mean to seem harsh or throwaway-ish (not quite sure what that is though). I have been a reader of your blog for a long time (and the others even longer – from the shoewawa days) and my reply was more to do with the internet blogging world in general. People do see things by a double standard all the time and this throwaway thing just tipped me off.
          Anyways, having a different style shouldn’t matter:) and I bet you wouldn’t wear most of the things I do 🙂 Thus the problem with the white dress solved? Anyways, what I wanted to say was if I seemed like a jerk I am sorry. It was not my intention. Cheers.

  • Very cute, I adore those shoes. They’re a bit different from all the other pairs you own, yet they go great with your chic style 🙂
    merry christmas!

  • Wow! You can’t imagine what I thought when I saw your dress. FANTASTIC! And you know why? 1) Because you do look fantastic wearing it; 2) That is the color people wear here where I am now for holidays – Brazil. Take a look on TV tomorrow during the fireworks at Copacabana (2 million tourists will be there, plus locals) and you’ll see the tradition of people – new year’s eve, white dresses. They also choose the color of complements for the new year’s eve outfit, and it’ll be yellow tomorrow. People can also wear red, for passion, pink for love (to attract it). Yellow is for money!
    I loved the outfit and the shoes! They are one of my favorite pairs in your collection! And have a happy new yeeeeeeear, may you always have challenges that save lives (you know what I mean!)

  • i love you.. not everyone can wear those pair of shoes and clothes as gorgeous as you.. everything fits on you.. (i love your skin… ) ♥ philippines

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