Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 31 – Ruby Shoesday-ish

What: Red nautical peep toes
When: June 2010
Where: Shopping and dinner
With: Blue pindot dress (gifted); sunglasses (Gucci)

Can we pretend this is my Ruby Shoesday post for the week, even although the pool, sunshine, and fact that I’m wearing something other than layers of woolies proves that this photo definitely wasn’t taken here in the UK?

Can we also pretend I’m not, once again, flashing an almost indecent amount of thigh here? I promise the dress was less revealing when I wasn’t sprawled by the pool in it:

My dad very kindly bought this dress for me in Ross. It has a nice, vaugely retro shape to it, and is plain enough that you can get away with wearing outrageous shoes with it, should you want to. And trust me, I will want to.

Finally, let’s pretend I didn’t have to change out of these shoes halfway through the evening and replace them with the flip-flops I’d cunningly popped into my bag, in anticipation of just such an event, for in buying these I broke one of the fundamental rules of shoe shopping: “Thou shalt not buy shoes that don’t fit properly, no matter how much thou wants them.” These are about a half-size too small, and God, but they hurt my feet, which means they probably won’t be appearing in too many more Ruby Shoesdays, sadly.*

*I say that now. We all know I’ll pull them out sometime soon and think, “You know, these are cute. Maybe I’ll give them one more try!” Don’t try it at home kids…


  • What a pity it hurt(s), cause they are so cute… I used to be a size 4/4.5 – of course 4.5 I never find. Very seldom. So I have to buy either 4 or 5. But… if I really like a special pair of shoes I buy 5.5, or even 6 (that is the limit and with insoles, of course)! Ah, they were really cute, but you do have other cute red pairs that won’t hurt you!

  • Just wanted to state the fact that I have finally joined the “Ruby Shoesday” club last week, with my first pair of red shoes in at least 20 years. (That is in fact: The first pair I can wear for work. The other one I have is part of my Frank N. Furter costume…)
    They are Chucks in maroon by the way. Nothing special, but I hope it counts. 😉

  • So cute! I love these nautical shoes! where did you buy them? *_*
    (ehm..sorry, forgive my bad english..i write from Italy :P)

    It’s a real pity that they hurt….i’ve got too a beautiful pair of violet peep toes an half-size smaller…sigh!!


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