Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 12 – Transitional

What: River Island studded ankle boots
When: Sunday, March 14th
Where: Visiting a local antiques fair/indoor market
With: Tea dress (eBay), cardigan (Topshop); trench coat and bag (New Look); sunglasses (Gucci). No, the hat wasn’t part of the outfit!

Most Scottish people seem to have a natural resistance to the cold, which means that although there are still patches of snow on the ground around Shoeper Towers, every time I go out I’ve started to see lots of people in strappy tops, bare legs, open toe sandals: summer clothes, basically. It never fails to amaze me, because although I was raised here, I seem to be completely missing the gene that makes people impervious to the cold: in fact, as I said in this post, I’m permanently freezing, even in summer, so I always find these transitional periods a challenge. Spring is my favourite time of year, and I much prefer Spring/Summer fashions to Winter ones, but while everyone else is already wafting around in pretty dresses and summer shoes, I’m still shivering in my winter woolies!

Today was Mother’s Day here in the UK, and we took my parents for a stroll round a local antiques fair/indoor market they love. This is my nod towards transitional dressing: a lightweight tea dress peeping out of a trench coat, but still worn with tights, cardi and ankle boots. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive properly!

(I entrusted my camera to Shoeperman on this trip, which means there are very few photos of my actual SHOES here. Ahem. I did take some shots of these boots back when I got them, though, which you can see here.)

I can’t WAIT to wear this hat on holiday. And also around the house, maybe.


  • Wow! I always take a look here on Sunday evenings, because I know you’ll post a “new” weekend worn pair of shoes – and a matching outfit! I found, this time, the photos even more amazing than usual – poses, sweet face, the image of happiness – this is great! The outfit as usual impeccable, boots really nice, and the hat, oooohhh, so beautiful!
    By the way: thank you so much for your nice message about dad. 3 weeks now, it’s hard, but… part of life… but a biiig thanks for the support!
    Can’t wait to see the #13 shoes!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Sunday real break =-.

  • Brave look. I don’t feel confident enough to wear ankle boots without pants. Maybe mine have too chunky a heel to carry it off. Brava!

  • That’s a very cute outfit you put together around your boots. I also love spring clothes, and I fortunately live in a place where it’s warm enough to wear them without freezing to death. Maybe you need a nice vacation to somewhere warm and sunny so you can wear spring outfits. 🙂

  • You have such great hair! Red hair is awesome. My brothers are natural redheads, but I am not. Don’t know how that happened.

    Also, I am a nerd because when I saw that black-and-white pic with the phone in red I immediately thought “Shoeperwoman is calling Batman!” 🙂

    • lol batman was ringing in my ears too!! loved the whole “poet/didnt know it” that was soo funny! 🙂

  • I am jealous of your trench coat, because the snow around here is still thigh high and more keeps coming, even now! It’s still thick woollen coats for me… And even thinking of wearing heels like yours (beautiful shape there!) outside makes me shiver with horror, because I can very well imagine how I would fall down and break every single bone in my body. Still, every day I see brave women somehow managing to stay upright and keeping their shoes clean! I will have to wait for May…

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