Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: New Look red bow Mary Janes

I didn’t manage to find the jeans I was looking for this weekend, but I did snap a quick picture of these sweet little red Mary Janes in New Look to show you.

I couldn’t find these on the website yet, but I think they were about £20. They have a little bit of an Alice in Wonderland kind of feel too them: very girlish and cute! I didn’t buy them because they were a little bit too girlish for me, but they could make a nice, budget Ruby Shoesday option for some of you!

As for what I did buy, well, I managed to show remarkable restraint, and all I came home with was this dress from the Topshop sale:

Don’t worry: it claims to be a “dress”, but I’m planning on wearing it as a slip – it was only £5, so I think for that price I can afford to wear an “underwear as outerwear” dress as ACTUAL underwear!


  • I also love red, I love Mary Janes and the shoes you showed now are exactly the style I love! Thanks, I will look for them… as for the dress, also very sweet, I loved the color! Hope you find your jeans soon…!

  • Amber, this post amuses me because just today I was also in New Look trying on those exact shoes! I too decided to not buy them though… as far as red heels with a bow on them go, I’m still gunning for the Office ones!

  • I was just sent some jeans (South brand, Pippa straight legs, Tall) from and they are really nice. Only £20. Have you looked on there? It’s not somewhere I’d think of looking but now I have a pair I’ll definitely look again.

    • I had a look, but they don’t have quite what I’m looking for… I’m a very awkward height: regular length is too long, but petite is too short, and I always feel the jeans don’t look right when they’ve been altered or turned up, so I’m super-fussy about it! River Island’s short leg is pretty much all I can wear and guarantee a good fit, but they don’t have any washes I like (or anything without rips and fading etc), so I guess I’ll just have to wait it out!

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