Shoe Kryptonite: Kurt Geiger ‘Class’ peep toe Mary Janes

First I saw these shoes in white:

white peep toe shoes

And I thought, “Wow, that’s a seriously beautiful shoe. If only it wasn’t white, though! I mean, if these were available in green, say, or even blue, I’d be aaaaalllll over them like a rash…”

Kurt Geiger Class Mary Janes


Oh, God, someone please take them far, far away, because that right there is some Shoe Kryptonite for sure. I mean, they’re not just available in green and blue: they’re available in MINT green. And the PERFECT shade of blue. It’s just all too much for me.

Now, after all of the talking I’ve been doing about my ever-increasing love of mint green, you’ll be expecting me to say that’s the version I like best. I think you might be right there, but at the same time, that particular shade of sky blue is just gorgeous, and I could very easily be swayed by it. In fact, I could very easily be persuaded to buy both… assuming, of course, that it wouldn’t cost me £420 to do it.

Yes, folks, the bad news about these is that they’re £210 per pair, which means I’m about to start stalking, in the hope that they one day go on sale. If you can’t wait that long, however, you can click here to buy them from Kurt Geiger.



  • These are amazing! I saw them on the Kurt Geiger’s site, when you had shown us those gorgeous mint green shoes with the cute bows. If only I could buy them! I would choose the mint green version of those previous shoes with the bows, and the blue version of these ones. I’m in love, for sure!

  • OH. MY. GOD. I saw these on the KG site over the weekend (I discovered KG only thanks to Shoeperwoman so… THANKS A LOT! [sarcasm]) and I DIED. That mint green is what I call aqua and together with that sky blue that make up 2 out of 3 of my Kryptonite shades, the third one being turquoise. Those light blues are my IT color. So just seeing the thumbnails I was filled with trepidation.

    But there’s more. The whole construction of the shoe is literally perfect. The heel, the peep, the curve of the sides, the strap. Again: I DIE. I think I am glad I live somewhere where I cannot get my hands on them. But I DO have a friend in London…

  • I looked at the white ones and thought, “meh”, but then I looked at the blue and green and nearly fell off my chair. Come to me, my precious!

  • I went in the big KG shop in Covent Garden at the weekend (I think it’s new) – two whole floors of beautiful shoes and I think I’m in love. That place could make me a hell of a lot poorer. There was quite a bit of these lovely colours about too – very cheery for a wet February day!

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