Shoe Deja Vu: Forever 21 Vs Dr Martens pink patent boots


OK, well this is… different. Generally speaking, when I spot a case of Shoe Deja Vu, it involves some insanely beautiful -and equally insanely expensive – designer stilettos that have, um, “inspired” a much cheaper brand to make their own versions. And lord knows, Forever 21 are no strangers to that concept.

This time, though, they’ve decided to copy Doctor Martens.

These pink patent boots are clearly very similar to the good doctor’s eight-eyelet boots, which have been enjoying a bit of a comeback as far as mainstream fashion in concerned (obviously they’ve never been OUT of fashion for some), thanks in the main to celebrity wearers like Agyness Deyn, Alexa Chung and the like.

The Doctor Martens shown above are £59.99, which is about $98. The Forever 21 versions, meanwhile, are only $24.80, so roughly a quarter of the price. Although large, though, the price difference isn’t THAT big, and having briefly owned a pair of Docs in the 90s (look, grunge was popular back then, OK?) I can testify that the real thing really does last forever. The F21s, on the other hand, probably won’t, but of course, if you’re only looking for a quick fashion fix, knowing that they’ll go out of style again just as quickly as they came back in, that may suit you just fine.

What do you think, readers: would you buy the real thing, the copies, or neither?


  • Usually i am a sucker for all things pink, but Doctor Martens never interested me. But if suddenly that kind of footwear starts interesting me, i would rather go for the Dr ones.

  • I don’t usually like the cheaper knock-off of something, but if I had pink boots I probably wouldn’t wear them very often, so I’d probably stick to the cheap version. With any other color, I’d go with Doc.

  • def. the docs! I have a pair of tall black ones from my goth days and they are still in great condition, hell I even wear them every now and then. As for the imposters there great for trendy-sheep alike who dont want to invest. This really is a case of quality vs. Quantity; few investment pieces or an array of disposable trendy clothing

  • They really do last forever! I think my pair from like 1994 or something can still be found at my parents’ house, and they are still in great condition. I guess on some days (when I’m feeling like a teenager) I probably would wear these, but not too often, so maybe I’d just buy the knock off pair, which is way cheaper.

  • I have a couple of pairs of Doc’s that actually came to me second hand and are still in great condition. I do rather love the pink ones, they’re fun, but I think I’d probably go for the cheaper version because realistically these will probably be a flash in the pan fad and where’s the point in paying more for that?
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