Kurt Geiger’s ‘Amp’ wedge heeled ankle boots


Yes, I know, it’s another pair of boots – and black ones at that! – but I’ve been obsessed with wedge boots since last Winter, and these ones from Kurt Geiger are just about perfect. Although wedges can be clumpy, these are anything but, and have a lovely, elegant shape that makes them stunning to look at, and hopefully easy to walk in, too.

The low tops also find favour here: they’ll make these easy to wear with trousers or skirts, and even with skinny jeans, which I tend to find sit rather oddly with ankle boots, although I suspect that’s just me.

The only thing I’m not keen on? The price. They’re £280 at Kurt Geiger.


  • ooooh!
    I once fell in love with boots like those, they were brown… ah! I’ll never forget them, and I’ll never forget how my mom pointed out that I would never wear them in this weather so I can only dream!

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