Shoe Deja Vu: Christian Louboutin Vs New Look

Now, I’m not saying the shoes on the right are copies of the shoes on the left. Well, I mean, I sort of am, I guess, given that I’ve placed them right next to each other to emphasize the similarities, and have titled this post “Shoe Deja Vu”. I still wouldn’t describe the New Look shoes as “copies” of the Louboutins, though – or, if they are, then they’re really bad ones, let’s face it – but when I first saw them I got that niggling feeling that they reminded me of some other shoe, and a couple of days later I remembered what it was: Christian Louboutin’s Canon 140 booties.

These both have mesh, spotted uppers, they both have little ruffles down the front, and they both have platform soles, very high heels and peep toes. Despite this, they both look very different, especially when you see them side by side, but if you wanted to recreate the ‘Canon’ look, but only pay £24.99, say, they could just work – and they’re also available in navy if you don’t like the black version.

(Click here to buy them)


  • I don’t usually like this sort of shoe, but actually these are quite nice. Both of them. The New Look one is nicer in navy in my opinion. And they’ve gone down to £19.99 now. Tempted.

  • I saw the New Look shoes in the store, and they have a clear plastic lining inside them. Surely that would be really uncomfortable to wear?

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