Grey ‘Buttons & Bows’ t-bar shoes from Modcloth

They’re a different colour, and they have a slightly higher heel, but other than that, these shoes are pretty much identical to a pair Office brought out last year. Remember them?

The biggest difference here, however, is the price: the Office shoes retailed for ยฃ60, whereas the Modcloth versions are just $37,99, which is an absolute bargain, and makes me want to yell, “QUICK, PEOPLE! GET THEM! GET THEM BEFORE THEY’RE GONE!”

Have you got them yet?

If you’ve tried to get them, you’ll probably have noticed they’re already sold out in some sizes – or possibly in all sizes, depending on when you’re reading this, and how good your fellow readers were at obeying my ALL CAPS shouty direction above. If your size is gone, I’m sorry, I did my best to warn you. If it isn’t, though, click here to claim your prize…


  • Wow. They are absolutely gorgeous. They look better with the higher heel I think. I want them. I really hope there’s a pair like this in England next year, when I will actually shoes like that.

  • The Modcloth version looks nicer then the Office version because of the slimmer heel and the concealed platform, I think. And the price, obviously!
    They look really sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I actually prefer the Modcloth shoe because of the more elegant shape, but love the colour on the Office one. Combined, they would make the most gorgeous shoe!

  • Has anyone found anything similar in the UK? I really want the black pair but the shipping is too much to the UK to justify ๐Ÿ™

  • These shoes are also available on the site, for those of you who’s sizes are sold out. I was considering getting them a few months ago, but passed for another pair of shoes. Oddly enough, those shoes also popped up on Modcloth recently.

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