Shoe of the Day | Fericelli ‘Rinita’ mint green slingback sandals

mint green sandals

Fericelli ‘Rinita’ mint green slingback sandals, £115

You know the spring collections have arrived when starts filling up with peep toes, slingback sandals, and lots and lots of mint green!

These little green sandals are by Fericelli, and, despite the pastel colour, have a bit of a nautical feel to them, thanks to the lace-up front. (Try imagining them in red or navy, if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about. Now join with me in wishing they were actually available in red or navy. Or both…) This colour may not be exactly “nautical”, of course, but the combination of pale green and white is fresh, summery, and not something you tend to see a whole lot of (more’s the pity), so I love it.

These have a heel height of just over 4″, and a leather upper and insole – oh, and they’re available in half-sizes too, which is good news for anyone with difficult-to-fit feet. Although the colour is pale enough to work with lots of other shades (and would look great with florals, too, especially ones which contain a little bit of mint green), I think these are just crying out to be worn with bright white, which is exactly wheat I’ve gone for in the outfit below: with a touch of matching mint, of course! summer outfit featuring mint green sandals

trousers / top / watch / bag 

I have a few pairs of Boden’s bistro crop trousers now (which is actually kinda scary, because this time last year, I didn’t even have one…) and seem to add to my collection every time they go on sale. This white pair is next on my list: I think they’ll be perfect for summer, working with every colour of shoes and top imaginable! Speaking of tops, this one is from Mango, and is also available in white and peach, for £27.99.

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