Shoe Kryptonite: Christian Louboutin ‘Feticha’ pumps


I always think that if you don’t have a lot of money, when you shop designer it’s generally best to go for something you’ll wear constantly and really get use of, rather than a pair of beautiful-but-impractical dress shoes that you’ll only ever take out of their box on very special occasions.

Well, when it comes to “investment shopping”, you can’t do better than a pair of simple black pumps, and these are exactly that, but with lashings of Christian Loboutin style thrown in to make them extra-special.

As for wearing them “constantly”, well, I’m not totally convinced: that heel looks like a good five inches to me (the site doesn’t actually state the exact height) and I suspect the name might be a clue that these draw their inspiration from fetish shoes, but if that doesn’t put you off, I reckon they’re true Shoe Kryptonite.

BUY: Christian Louboutin ‘Feticha’ pumps, $621


  • If they were red, they’d be exactly Jessica Rabbit’s shoes, wouldn’t they? I mean…mildly cartoonish in their height. But I do love them, just not for walking or even standing up.

  • I totally agree about the investment shopping. Why spend a lot of money on a trendy expensive shoe. It is very wise to make an investment on a classic.. Well said…

  • Wow, those really are the mother of all black pumps.
    By the way, the website does say the heel height: 120mm(or 4.7inches)

  • They actually do come in red… I just bought them and dear lord they super high 5.5 inches around…. Really hard to walk in

  • I can understand the investment shopping argument, spending a lot on shoes you’ll wear all the time, but I tend to wear flats most of the time for practicality and clumsiness issues so I think if I ever do have the money to buy Christian Louboutins that I’ll want something completely gorgeous yet classic enough that the style will last a while, much like your purple Louboutin slingbacks which I absolutely love and am very jealous of.
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