Saturday Shoe Shot: The ones you all knew I’d buy…

Well, pay day arrived, and by an amazing co-incidence, so did those navy platforms from New Look which I was drooling over last week! Oh come on, like you didn’t know I would buy these!

These actually felt like even more of a bargain than the £25 price tag would suggest, because I happened to have some money in my Paypal account, and, like Caroline, who’s also written about this, I always feel like a Paypal balance is somehow free money. I mean, it doesn’t really count, does it?

(Yeah, yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that…)

I had a bit of trouble with the sizing on these shoes, because I’d initially assumed they were the same style as the pink and black platforms I have from New Look, and which I’d had to size up in. I ordered them in a size 5, then, but when they arrived I realised that they’re not quite the same shape at all: these have a round toe rather than a pointed one, and the 5s were huge, so they had to go back and be replaced with my usual size 4.

That aside, I love them just as much in the flesh (or in the faux-suede, rather) as I did in the photo, and am planning on getting lots of use out of them.

Enough about me, though: which shoes are YOU wearing today?


  • Why do you always ask me that on a Saturday when I’m doing barefoot housework? When I go out I will be wearing turqouise suede ballet flats.

  • Those shoes are just prefect for you! Looking forward to seeing you style them.

    I’m away for the weekend, and packing light, I only brought my black CHILLI ballerinas in leather, with a little bow on the front

  • These are lovely! The bow is very sweet.

    Usually, when you ask that question I’m either wearing my slippers or my boyfriend’s slippers, so I don’t answer. But today, I am wearing some super little sandals I got in the Office sale! Ok, so I’m wearing them with my joggers and pj top, but still…I’ll do a blog post on them soon, watch out!

  • Love them!

    Leopard print ballet flats, because I will be flying. In my suitcase: leopard print high heeled sandals, nude high heels with a little bow and the unavoidable Birkenstocks (but pretty ones in glossy white).

    Vacation, here I come!

  • Those shoes are to die for, but I’d break my neck if I tried walking in them.

    I’m wearing kitten heeled green toe post sandals today as I just got a pedi – Orly Cherry Bomb is such a fabulous colour that I’ve already been onto Amazon & ordered some!

    Inspired by your Shoe Challenge, I started my own last week – I discovered I have 170 pairs of shoe & boots & a niece who takes the same size & lusts after my collection (I think she was blown away by having an ancient aunt with such fabulous footwear). This means I’ve found a good home for the unworn/uncomfortable to go to; I promised her the Jimmy Choos in my will because the only way they’re leaving me is when they are pried off my cold dead feet.

  • I also just bought some shoes with my ‘free money’ (Paypal!) Some Melissa & Vivienne Westwood Black Lady Dragon wax orb seal slingbacks! 🙂 I know you’d approve Amber!

    They were on sale for only £39! So even more justifiable! hehe While I wait for them to arrive however I am wearing some leopard print flats as I’m about to hit the New Look sale!

  • augh – I know I’ve said this, but New Look breaks my heart with all its adorable shoes. I’m actually wearing some of their shoes right now – black lacy ballet flats with satin bows on satin toes! 🙂

  • AH those are some platforms! I wonder how the view would be from way up if I ever were to wear those shoes. They look lovely on you, as all shoes do.
    I just got home from uni, it’s 129483579 degrees outside and I’m super tired in my pjs, let’s not glance at my feet and see what shoes I’m wearing (A)

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