River Island spike studded ballet flats

red and black spike studded ballet flats

River Island spike studded ballet flats, £30

Well, I DID warn you I was really loving River Island right now!

It’s very unusual for a pair of ballet flats to come close to being Shoe Kryptonite for me. I mean, I LIKE ballet flats, sure, but even the very best of them are generally just “nice” at best: rarely are they the kind of thing that instantly gets me wrestling with the impulse to hit the “buy now” button as fast as I can.

That definitely happened with these ones, though. As I’m sure many of you will have noticed, these are very obviously “inspired” by Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle spike flats. River Island brought out their own take on the high-heeled version of the Pigalle Spikes last year, so I guess it makes sense that they’d follow up with the ballet flats. Like the Louboutin shoe, these have a pointed toe and an all-over spiked upper, which gives the classic flat a whole different feel. They come in red patent or black matte, and I love them both, although I do think the matte version looks a little more expensive – in the photo, at least.

These are £30 per pair, and are not real leather, unfortunately. They make up for that, however, by being reasonably priced, and the kind of shoes that make ballet flats suddenly seem like the kind of shoes I’d actively WANT to wear, as opposed to simply the kind of shoes I wear only when heels aren’t practical enough. I bought the heeled version of these shoes earlier this year, and really love them, so if these are still in stock on pay day, I can see myself adding at least one of the two colours to my collection. The big question is: which one to choose?

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