Pelmet skirts make a comeback

pelmet skirts fashion trend

Given my well-documented love of the midi skirt, you might find it hard to believe, but there was once a time when I was all about the pelmet skirt.

Of course, I didn’t actually know they were called “‘pelmet skirts” back then. I thought that was just what my mum called them when she said, “You can’t go out in that! It’s not even a skirt: it’s a pelmet!” I COULD go out in it, though, and I DID. In fact, for part of my teens and early twenties, my only real criteria in buying skirts or dresses was that they be super, super short. I even wore pelmet-length skirts to my weekend job in a call centre. I shudder to think of it.

I don’t think the pelmet skirt (Which is basically a micro-mini, by the way, for anyone wondering what on earth I’m talking about here) ever really stopped being popular: I do know, however, that I finally reached a point at which skirts shorter than my fingertip reach stopped feeling comfortable to me, and I started to reach for (much) longer hemlines. I’m not a fan of the idea of “age-appropriate” dressing – I firmly believe that if you like something, and feel comfortable in it, then you should feel free to wear it, whatever your age – but it’s definitely true to say that pelmet skirts are mostly the province of the young. Even when they weren’t strictly “in fashion”, young women were still wearing them – and they’ll probably continue to wear them long after the current trend is over.

pelmet skirts

Will YOU be wearing them, though? Pelmet skirts are a big trend for autumn/winter: the three skirts above are all from Topshop, and just a small (no pun intended) selection of the super-short skirts currently available on the site – and from many other high street retailers. While my younger self would be thrilled by this news, and would be stocking up as I write this, my current self is simply breathing a sigh of relief that the midi-length skirt is still around, too. I just don’t think I could pull off something this short (I probably couldn’t in my teens either, to be completely honest!), although I admire those who can. With thick tights, a turleneck and flats, for instance, this kind of skirt can have a nice, 60s-inspired feel to it, which I like  – just not enough to actually try and wear it!

What do you think of pelmet skirts? Will you be joining in with this trend, or sitting it out?


  • I love the 60’s look. I haven’t worn it in a while but there’s nothing I love more than a mini with tights. I usually double up tights so that way they’re absolutely opaque. But I’m also a fan of midi skirts and knee length Aline skirts. I used to hate skirts, so I feel like I’m catching up.
    I also feel like I started rambling somewhere and lost my point.
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  • I love them, I feel like I’m thin enough to wear them and have done so for the longest time, with or without tights, but, Sharon Stone and Nancy Sinatra notwithstanding, I am 49 years old, and I feel that nobody really wants to see me in something like that any longer. Even if it was silk, cashmere or lambskin. I still wear short skirts, but no shorter than 4″ above the knee. Clichees about age-appropriate dressing are one thing I do not generally hold with, but looking like you tried to compete with teenagers? No, thank you.

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