Peep toe bow platform shoes from River Island

You could tell just from the headline that I was going to like these shoes, couldn’t you? Well, you were right, I do. They come in four different colours, but for reasons I can’t even begin to explain, I’m going through a bit of a “pink” phase at the moment (this is strange to me, because I’ve never really been a “pink” girl), so these are the two that appeal most to me. My favourites are the pair on the right, which are just really fresh, and fun and spring-link, and not quite as “River Island Barbie” as the pair on the left, which also have the dreaded metal heel. I think I spy a stripey insole, too: that makes me happy.

These are £59.99. Get them here.


  • I really love the pink ones on the left, however it seemsthat River Island doesn’tdo them anymore 🙁
    Are they sold anywhere else? i have to get themmmmm ! 🙂

    • The one’s on the right are now on sale in river island, for £30!!

      I got mine in the coventry store but I have to wait for my birthday to have them, as my boyf bought them <3

    • The post is from March of last year, so they’re almost a year old – I think eBay would probably be your best bet now. RI have released similar styles to this for the past couple of years now, though, so they may come out with something similar this summer.

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