Over-the-knee peep toe boots from Dune

over-the-knee-boots-duneI’ve written a lot here about peep toe boots, and how much they confuse me. Some of you have agreed with me that the peep-toe-boot is a strange invention which should just DIE already, while others have tried to make me understand that in some cases – on a not-too-hot spring/summer day, say – the peep toe boot can actually work perfectly well, and be neither too hot or too cold.

I’m still not 10o% convinced (mostly because I just don’t like the look of bare toes peeking out of a boot), but I’m willing to accept that may well be the case.

I just can’t AT ALL see how over-the-knee peep toe boots could ever work, though. Not at all. It’s not even the old “if it’s cold enough to wear thigh high boots, it’s too cold to bare your toes” conundrum, either: it’s the thought of your whole body being covered except a couple of your toes. I can’t be sure until I’ve seen it done, of course, but I just think that’s going to look odd. And if you try to get around that “bare toes, leather-clad leg and thigh” look by wearing tights or socks with them… well, what was the point of buying peep toe boots in the first place?

I think my understanding of this whole concept has just regressed again. If you think these are just fine and dandy, though, they’re £160 from Dune.


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