An Oasis October Wishlist

I’m trying to stay away from the Oasis website right now. I mean, I’m not trying particularly hard, as the presence of this post on my website probably demonstrates, but there’s just SO many pretty things to covet there right now that I figured if I showed you it all at once, I wouldn’t have to look again until NEXT month. Sound logic, right? Right?

Brace yourself folks: this is going to be expensive…

khaki military coat

khaki military coat

I’m starting off sensible here: if you can call a coat I don’t actually need “sensible” that is. This military-style coat also comes in navy, but I’m really loving this khaki version, which is such a great colour for autumn. There’s a lot  of it around this year, too, so I’m sure this could blend in with the rest of my closet very nicely!

Oasis 'Heidi' floral shift dress

Heidi floral shift dress

Florals are Oasis’s biggest strength, and this dress is a really stunning example of that. It comes in two different lengths (this one is the longer version), and would be a wonderful way to keep wearing floral print through autumn and winter.

Oasis animal print midi dress

animal print midi dress

You know, I never would have imagined this dress would been even remotely my taste: I’ve always loved animal print on shoes and accessories (And, OK, faux-fur coats…), and absolutely hated it on everything else, but for some reason I’m really drawn to this animal print midi dress. Once again, the colours just work really well for the season, and I can actually see myself wearing this with boots and tights: I might have to go and lie down for a while…


Oasis rib wrap dress

Rib wrap dress

I don’t think you can go too far wrong with a knit midi dress: they’re one of those styles that can be easily dressed up or down, and the dark purple colour of this one makes a nice change from the usual blacks and browns.

And now that I’ve got that out of my system, I promise not to look at the Oasis website again until next month.


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