Oasis floral print mid heel court shoes

pink floral print shoes

pink floral print high heel shoes

Oasis floral print mid heel court shoes, £55

There are tons of floral print shoes available at the moment, but not quite so many mid-heeled ones, so I thought those of you who don’t like your heels too high might appreciate these Oasis pumps.

Oasis don’t actually provide the heel height of these, but going by the images, they look to me to be around 3 – 3.5″, so they’re high enough, but not anywhere near “skyscraper” level. Another thing they don’t have is a too sharply pointed heel: yes, this one IS pointed, but the toe is a much softer shape than many of the styles that are around right now, and I know that will also go down well with some of you.

As for the rest of the shoes, well, its’ a lovely, pink-based floral print on a fresh white background. The heels themselves, meanwhile, are a bright pink, which is a nice, bold touch. When I first saw these, they instantly struck me as the kind of shoes a guest at a wedding might wear, and that’s where the inspiration for this outfit came from:

what to wear with floral print shoes

What to wear with floral print shoes:

dress // bag // shrug // bracelet // nail polish

The bag is also from Oasis, and the print matches the one on the shoes, so naturally I had to include it. I know a lot of people consider it very old fashioned to match your bag and shoes, but I’ve never considered myself “fashionable”, and I think it adds a bit of polish, especially for a formal event like a wedding. That said, I don’t obsess over finding the perfect match, and have no issue with shoes and bags NOT matching either, so it’s not a huge deal.

What do you think: do you match your shoes and bag, or do you think it’s hopelessly old fashioned?

P.S. There are more wedding guest outfit suggestions here for you!


  • I really like the idea of matching my bag and my shoes but I don’t think a have a single bag that completely matches any of my shoes (I have a few that are sort of matchy but not quite like this).

    Strangely enough I really don’t like the shoes but I like the bag very much. I love the closure and the bag looks so fun but still elegant.

    • It looks like that item might have sold out, unfortunately: I write most of my posts a few days before they’re published, and some items sell out in the meantime – sorry! I’m not sure what you mean by “UTL in the previous post”, as all of the links in that post are working for me, but if you tell me which item it is you need information on, I can double-check for you!

  • I don’t match my shoes and bag but not because I think it’s unfashionable, just because I don’t ever think to buy the bag to match the shoes!

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