Miu Miu red pointed toe platform knee boots

These could just be my dream boots. Or, as Rachel once said in Friends, my “I don’t need my parents, I don’t need a job, I’ve got great boots boots!” (And now, every time I find great boots, I think, “Ooh! Great boots-boots!”)

Of course, it’s possible just the colour that’s making me think that. I’ve been looking for a great pair of red winter boots for years now, and this shade is perfect: it’s bright enough to stand out, but not so bright that you’d feel like a clown wearing it. Or it could be the elegant shape of the leg. Or the slender heel. Sure, I could live with a slightly rounder toe, but imagine these peeking out of the bottom of a simple black dress: perfect!

Naturally, at $995, my dream boots will have to remain a dream. Although, when you consider how often I actually get to WEAR boots, I could have the cost-per-wear down to almost nothing in no time!

These are by Miu Miu and you can buy them at Neiman Marcus.


  • They are indeed lovely! I think living in Scotland you could totally justify buying them… I also quite often think about Rachel’s quote there, “They’re my new ‘I don’t need a job, I don’t need my parents, I’ve got great boots’ boots!” …ahh I love Friends.

  • Oh, so lovely! The red shade! Knee high! I loooove boots! Winter is so much nicer then! I also wanted red boots, the closest I have is a pair of red wine ones… but not this lovely shade of red. Rounder toe is also my thing, but I could live with that one now… only the price, as usual, is not for me… so no red boots for me now! (Or at least, not Miu Miu…!)
    By the way, I got obsessed by the “Brian Atwood platform chain pumps” – sorry for the many comments, but I wanted to defend the pumps, I did loooove them! (The heel, 🙂 – so attacked!)
    So, hope you buy these boots now and post some nice pictures here!

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