Green suede toe-cap pumps from Charlotte Russe

They may not make the best quality footwear you’ll ever find, but I have a soft-spot for Charlotte Russe, who fed my teen-aged shoe obsession during trips to the US, and who still occasionally feed it now, when I stumble upon something too cute to resist.

These green suede toe cap pumps look great in the photo, and I like the fact that they’ve gone for a green and silver colour combination, rather than the black (or tan) and white we usually see on this style of shoe. As to what they’ll look like in real life, well, I’m guessing that’s a suedette upper rather than real suede, and metallics are notoriously difficult to do well on cheaper shoes, often looking much too shiny, but if you have a store near you they could be worth checking out in person.

If you just want to order them rightthisverysecond, of course, why, click here to do it!


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