Maison Martin Margiela wedge ankle boots with “stiletto”

Maison Martin Margiela ankle boots

This isn’t the first time Maison Martin Margiela has tried to create the illusion of a stiletto on a wedge, but it is one of the more literal interpretations of this look. I’ve included a slightly larger image than usual, so you can see it in a bit more detail, but basically this is a standard wooden wedge, with a cut-out stiletto. It makes for an interesting optical illusion on the page – from some angles the eye is almost tricked into thinking it’s looking at a stiletto – so I’d be interested to see how it looks in person.

What does everyone think of this? A good way to allow those who don’t like walking in heels to enjoy the (comparative) comfort of a wedge, or… just a bit odd, really?

These are £565 at Net-a-Porter.


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