Alice+ Olivia Crystal Platform Pumps

Alice + Olivia crystal pumps

What does everyone think about the marriage of crystal uppers and wooden soles?

I’m torn.

On the one hand, I always feel that crystals are “dressy” and wood is “casual”. Or that the uppers say “evening” and the rest says “daytime” if that makes sense.

On the other hand, when I saw the small version of these photos over at Shopbop, I immediately had to enlarge them to take a closer look, and I really like the arch of the shoe, particularly as shown in the image on the right. So I’m not sure.

Is this a good way to dress down a evening shoe, or dress up a more causal one? What do you think?

(These are by Alice + Olivia, and they’re $395 at Shopbop.)


  • I think this is a case when two halves do not make a whole. Also, the toe opening is too high and wide, I can’t imagine this looking good on a foot.

  • I love these from a distance. But when you look closer the open toe part is way too big! I can’t think of an occasion for them with the wood and crystals. Odd!

  • I think they’re beautiful! The base lightens up the shoe and makes it look more of a wearable, summer-weather shoe I think – although exactly where I’d wear a rhinestone-studded platform heel is a different matter entirely…

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