Lea Michele’s Louboutins don’t fit…

I always feel sorry for celebrities who show up on the red carpet in shoes that are clearly on loan from the designer, and which just don’t fit the person wearing them. I mean, I know the celebrity doesn’t actually have to pay for them, but wouldn’t it be such a let-down to get a pair of shoes from Christian Louboutin, and then find out that they’re at least a couple of sizes too big? Still, I guess it must make it easier to part with them when the event’s over!

This is Glee! actress Lea Michele, who wore these black Louboutins to TV GUIDE Magazine’s 2010 Hot List Party in LA this week. A half size either way would’ve been easy enough to pull off, but these shoes are SO big I have no idea how she managed to walk without losing a shoe at every time – and if anyone happened to be looking at her feet (and let’s face it, everyone reading this site would totally be looking at her feet), it would be hard not to notice the gap. Still, at least her dress was a decent fit:


    • I know! I’ve bought shoes that were one size too big before, thinking they’d be OK with some heel grips or whatever, but even with them they’re just so difficult to walk in! These ones look at least two or three sizes too big, so I’ve no idea how she managed to walk in them – I think I’d have been forced to politely decline the loan and wear a pair of my shoes instead!

  • It amazes me that she was able to keep them on…If I have a pair of heels on that are to big, I walk right out of them which makes them almost impossible to wear! Poor girl

    • You all crack me up poor girl this is hardly and embarrassment or something to feel bad about.

      Maybe she want them like that but really is this a big deal?

      • OK, Sam, I see from your email address and IP that you’re also the person posting as “Joan” on this thread, presumably to try and create the idea that there is more than one person absolutely horrified by this post, when actually it’s just one person.

        To be honest, I actually agreed with you that the “idiot” comment was OTT- this is a site about shoes, not a site to make personal judgements about people’s personalities, and I agree that to call someone an “idiot” based on their shoe choice is a bit harsh. At the same time, though, this is a celebrity standing on the red carpet, so people are going to comment on what she’s wearing – personally, I thought it was curious that she’d chosen to wear shoes that are obviously several sizes too big for her, and as this is a blog about shoes, it seemed relevant to the topic of the site. Obviously if you don’t want to ever see posts about celebrity shoe choices, you’re free not to read them.

        As for making a big deal out of it, well, you’re the one who has commented three times, and used different names to try to mislead people into thinking someone shares your opinion, so in answer to your “is it really a big deal” question, I can only say that it certainly seems to be a big deal for you, although probably not so much for everyone else, who probably typed their comment and then forgot about it two seconds later.

  • She’s an idiot. What is the benefit of being a star if you can’t just buy your own pair of simple black Louboutins? I don’t think its necessary to borrow that pair of shoes- it should just be a closet staple for people who make a ton of public appearances. I know I’m ranting, but I’m irritated with young hollywood in general, they make a mess of something that should be so fun- fashion!

    • Really an idiot isn’t that a bit harsh for someone’s shoe choice?

      And yes you are being a bit irrational maybe she just prefers them big for comfort.

      Really as far as fashion goes she is doing a pretty good job even if her shoes are too big.

      She isn’t mandated you wear them to big so let it go.

  • Who cares…. her feet..her shoes, let her wear them the way she wants too.

    Maybe they are more comfortable this way for her. I usually buy may shoe at least a size bigger.

    Is this really something to even write about?

    • Well, as it’s a shoe blog methinks it is!

      It’s just made her look a bit daft, looking super stylish and then a big gap at the back of the shoes looks ridiculous.

    • Just for the sake of clarity: “Joan” is the same person as the “Sam” who has commented twice on this post – I’ve addressed the “Is it worth writing about” comment above, but just wanted to add that I normally consider people who use different user names on the same post in order to “agree” with themselves to be trolling, so I’d appreciate it if Sam/Joan could pick one name and stick to it if she wants to continue commenting, rather than trying to mislead people into thinking there’s more than one person posting these comments.

  • @Shoeperwoman the people who comment on your blogs pretending to be two different people make me laugh. And despair.

  • Amber, after reading my rash comments of yesterday- I appologize to you for name calling on your lovely shoe site (I so enjoy it). I thought ofter people would get on board with my passion for celebrities having so many advantages, and still managing to goof it up. I liked her dress, she looked fine- I feel like a star (of all people) should be able to procure the correct size shoe for a big event? There are so many fantastic one-of-a-kind shoes that could be borrowed, and excused for being the wrong size, my point was those were realatively simple shoes and should be easy to obtain in her size. Again- didn’t intend to cause contoversy.
    On a lighter note… just recieved my new ASOS tartan boot shoes in the mail. Love ’em, wouldn’t have found them if not for your site.

    • Oh, no need to apologise – I was honestly a bit surprised myself that the whole post caused such controversy! I really didn’t mean it to come across as an attack on the girl, and I’m sure you didn’t either, it’s just genuinely puzzling to me that someone would chose to wear such ill-fitting shoes when, as you say, there must have been so many other options available. And it’s not just Lea Michele, either – I see loads of these red carpet photos where the celebrity is in gigantic shoes, and it must be so uncomfortable!

      Anyway, no harm done – glad you like the boots: I’m currently waiting for an ASOS package too (although not shoes, sadly) and it seems to be taking forever!

  • She could have easily avoided this problem by buying her own shoes instead of depending on loaners. It’s not like she can’t afford her own pair!

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