It’s Shoesday! Show me your shoes!

Remember Ruby Shoesday, brainchild of Caroline at Second Hand Shopper? As much as I loved it, I ended up quietly dropping out of Ruby Shoesday last year, when I realised I didn’t have enough winter-appropriate red shoes to keep it interesting, or enough time to commit to taking outfit shots every week. I do miss it, though, and so today I’m hopping on the “Shoesday” bandwagon, which I’ve been seeing all over Twitter recently. And, in celebration of this special Day of Shoes, I thought I’d start a little tradition here at Shoeperwoman, where I get to be nosy and have a look at the lovely shoes everyone is wearing. Here’s how it works:

1. Take a photo of the shoes you’re wearing today. (Doesn’t have to be a full-length shot, a la the Shoe Challenge, it can just be a photo of your feet, or the shoes themselves or whatever.)

2. Post it on your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, you may want to post it on a free image host, like Flickr, Twitpic or similar, or you’re welcome to post it on the Shoeperwoman Facebook page, but remember to post your link in the comments so everyone can see!)

3. Link back to from your post or image.

4.  Leave a comment on this post telling me where I can see your shoes!

5. Don’t want to photograph the shoes in question? Join in by just telling me about them in the comments section! Shoesday is open to everyone!

As for me, today I’m wearing my Carvela Astroid pumps, which I saved here. I really, really need to get on with saving some more shoes!

P.S. I very rarely check my Twitter account these days, so please post your links in the comments section or I probably won’t see them!


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