High Street Vs High End: Studded ankle boots by Chloe and Office

studded ankle boots by Chloe and Office

It’s been a bit of an “adjustment of the eye” process between me and Chloe’s famous studded ankle boots.

When they first became popular, a couple of years ago, I wasn’t a fan: mostly because I was still firmly entrenched in my “retro” phase, and those boots were anything BUT “retro”, (I mean, the fact that they’re £749 might have had something to do with it too, I suspect…) but also because flat boots just aren’t my style – in fact, I always feel my particular body shape makes me look a little bit like a golf club in this kind of style, and that’s not exactly “shoeper”, is it?

Fast-forward a couple of years, however, and my eyes have adjusted. This is something that happens occasionally with some (although definitely not ALL: I don’t think my eyes will EVER adjust to Birkesntocks, for instance, and it’s yet to happen with glove shoes, either…) fashion trends: I’ll start out disliking them – or, at least not loving them – but once they’ve been around for a while, and I’ve gotten used to seeing them everywhere, they’ll become so much the norm that I’ll be wondering why I ever disliked them in the first place.

So it is with Chloe’s ‘Susannah’ boots.

Now, I still seriously doubt my ability to pull this style off, which is why you won’t catch me paying £700+ for the originals any time soon. When I saw Office’s ‘Lucky Charm’ dupes, however, which are significantly cheaper, at £85, I did find myself thinking, “Well, maybe…”. These have gold hardware rather than Chloe’s silver, and there are some other obvious differences, which are apparent when you see the two boots side by side. On their own, however, they’re a pretty good dupe – oh, and they come in a range of colours, too, including black suede and tan leather, which are well worth checking out, if you like this style.

DO you like this style, though?

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  • I think River Island are doing a very similar boot too, with silver studs. Check out Fleur de Force’s blog – she just did a whole post on boots dupes last week. x

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